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Prices (we are closed from 13/12/2014 till 27/12/14)


Dear Guest, you are welcome to the resting area for campers " Camperstop Torbole " in Trentino. Your cooperation is a prerequisite to assure a pleasant stay for yourself and the other guests, therefore we invite you to observe the few but important rules as follow:

Dogs € 2,00

Additional payable services for those who do not make a stopover, available only from 8.00am to 10.00pm

  • UNLOAD / LOAD (without stopover) € 10,00
  • SHOWER € 5,00
  • extra car/cart on the place € 5,00
  • extra car/cart on the parking € 10,00


Position the camper in front of the bar;
Wait a moment so that the camera can read and photograph your licence plate. Enter and wait at the stop the arrive of a member of the staff that will explain how the parking works and his services
occupy one of the marked parking spaces (before entering please discharge any waste water);
go to the reception at the entrance to tell the place number
The minimum charge applied covers the first 24 hours regardless of the length of the stay. After the first 24 hours an hourly rate is applied (2€/h). If the user does not agree with the rules of operation or the tariffs adopted they are allowed to leave the area without payment of any fee within a deadline of ten minutes.


Go to the cash desk in the minimarket. You must indicate your license plate number and pay for the stay.
Position the camper in front of the bar so that the camera can read your licence plate, verifying the payment.
For the purposes of the Privacy Act once you exit from the parking area, the licence number will be deleted from the system.

CAUTION: After the payment you have 15 minutes to exit. The cash desk is open from 8.00am to 10.00pm.
You can always enter the property but can not exit between 10.00pm and 8.00am the next day.

Campsite regulations

  • The parking area is managed by the company Mafe srl . For problems you can contact them directly at the market inside the park or call the following telephone number +39 3492236361 The management is not responsible for the removal of goods, valuables or other property or damage caused by other users.
  • The area, aimed at meeting the needs of travelling tourists is intended exclusively for campers (motorhomes) and therefore it is prohibited for users with caravans, trailer tents, tent trailer and other types of vehicle. Its maximum capacity is 120 places, and the first two are primarily reserved for guests with physical disabilities.
  • Admission is upon payment, including spaces reserved for people with disabilities, and the stopover can last for up to 48 hours.
  • Near the entrance there are facilities for the discharge of wastewater, a drinking water dispenser and containers for waste collection; the system of access is automated and under video surveillance.
  • The camper is required to occupy only the grounds reserved for it as delineated on the ground. Each camper has the use of a single electricity connection (max. 660 watts).
  • Fire extinguishers placed along the edges should be used only to deal with real fire risk situations. It is recommended that there should be a disciplined use of common facilities, dogs must be kept on a leash and their droppings collected and the drain should be rinsed thoroughly after depositing the waste.
  • If the area is full, there is the possibility to use it, for a reduced fee, for loading / unloading only.
PERIOD 1-2 3+
09.01.22 - 26.02.22 € 20,00 € 20,00
26.02.22 - 09.04.22 € 26,00 € 30,00
09.04.22 - 01.05.22 € 32,00 € 38,00
01.05.22 - 02.06.22 € 27,00 € 30,00
02.06.22 - 18.09.22 € 33,00 € 39,00
18.09.22 - 02.11.22 € 27,00 € 30,00
02.11.22 - 07.12.22 € 22,00 € 22,00
07.12.23 - 08.01.23 € 25,00 € 25,00

Camperstoptorbole di M.A.F.E. s.r.l. - Loc. via Al Cor, 2/a 38069 Torbole sul Garda (TN) - Italy - P.Iva: 02296080225

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